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A teacher shares his wisdom again

Former education minister Thakur S Powdyel dedicates his latest book to Druk Gyal Zhipa  Review: In a world where the teaching profession has lost its noble-ness, in a world that doesn’t cherish words of wisdom easily, in a world where values are dictated by Internet and smart phones, in a world where families are rapidly […]

Rumour: what cost?

Where fear is, happiness is not, said one Roman stoic philosopher many, many moons ago. When terror is put on the people, either physically or psychologically, it is peace that takes to the corner rattling and sheds copious tears. This is happening to our country today. Our people are under siege. Rumourmongers are terrorising our […]

Feeding students

The annual education conference is an important event for educationists. It is one event where educationists from different parts of the country come together once a year and engage in vigorous discussions on issues and policies that have bearing on thousands of students across the country. Apart from sharing of administrative problems, the conference also […]